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Featuring 2019 Senior model Brianna B.

I have really loved working with Bri throughout this year. She is a wonderful girl that is hard working, driven and a talented rugby player. At Bri's senior session I was talking to her mom about what a great young lady Brianna is, her mom agreed and told me the best thing about Brianna is her heart. I would agree that not only is Bri great at school, sports, and modeling she is a kind hearted caring person.

Nickname: Bri Favorite Candy: Definitely Sour Patch Kids or Dark Chocolate Kit Kats!

Favorite Drink: Half lemonade-half sparkling water, weird but delicious!

Dream Job: Pediatric Nurse

Celebrity Crush: Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, He's strong and his personality is amazing!

Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: I'm co-captain of the 7s rugby team for Rocky Mountain!

Unusual Talent That I Have: I can take unusually long naps

Favorite Place On Earth: Anywhere where I can hear the ocean!

Favorite Song: Say Hey by Michael Franti and Spearhead or anything by Maroon 5 or Dirty Heads Person I Most Want To Meet: Jennifer  Lawrence

Favorite Things In My Closet: I have some super cute sweaters I can't wait to break out this fall/winter!

Favorite Brand: Nike or Old Navy Active!

Something I Wish I Were Better At: Not biting off more than I can chew! I need to practice taking downtime and getting more sleep!

3 Things I Can't Live Without: Parents, friends, and my car (With unlimited gas money of course) 

Favorite App On My Phone: Snapchat

I Love Gee Photography Because (Shameless Plug!): She not only takes in my ideas but she gives me ideas as well! She also tells me how to do little things like tilt my head or change my position. You don't get that treatment when you take pictures with friends!

My Goal After High School: Graduate a semester early from Rocky, do scholarships and work while people are in school, and attend Idaho State University to study Nursing. My Hobbies: Rugby, work, working out, spending time with friends, naps, and Netflix! Favorite Fictional Character: Stitch from Lilo and Stitch! My car is named after him!

The Last Good Book I Read: The Warriors series. Not a difficult read but I love the creativity!

My Favorite Dessert: Either a fruity ice cream or a chocolatey baked good topped with strawberries. What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: I can't wait to finish that final day of school and just relax! Phew that 5k was great now it's time to relax until we start that marathon we call college!

My Friends Would Describe Me As: Sympathetic, Honest, Over-thinker, Hangry Monster (If I'm ever angry then feed me. Hahaha you think I'm kidding)

3 Things No One Knows About Me: I secretly want to be the best at everything shhh don't tell, 90% of the time I have no idea what I'm doing but people seem to approve so I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, I hate spiders but my biggest fear is actually not finding a husband while I'm young. I want a family and someone I can love and trust!

Who is your role model and why: My mom is my role model because she's the most hardworking and strong woman I know. I'll never stop looking up to her.           Favorite thing to do to pass the time: Watch Big Brother with my mom if I'm at home, go to Cafe Zupas with friends if I'm out and about.  What is your favorite place to shop? Old Navy for their active wear, Gordmans, Kohls, or pretty much anywhere in the mall!

Best life advice you’ve ever received? "Put yourself in their shoes"- Mamma Why did you choose GeePhotography to take your photos? I heard through Taylor that she was taking photos and when I came to meet her she seemed like she knew what she was doing! I didn't want any ol' cheap photos I wanted something that looked great and she went above and beyond in doing so! Best high school memory so far? There's no way I can just choose one! I have tons of amazing memories with tons of people! I try not to look back at memories too much because they make me want to go back and I have to focus on moving forward!

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