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Featuring 2019 Senior Taylor S.

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

I have had a wonderful time getting to know this sweet girl and her Mom. Taylor is a Senior at Rocky Mountain High School and is one of my senior models this year. One of the benefits of being a senior model for Gee Photography, is that models get to take part in multiple shoots leading up to their actual senior photos. This gives the senior the opportunity to get comfortable posing and being in front of the camera, and it also gives me the opportunity to get to know them. I love having Taylor as a model this year and have had a great time at each of our sessions together. For this feature I asked Taylor to answer some fun questions about herself, I will also be sharing some of my favorite photos from our sessions and Taylor's top 10 favorite photos from her senior session.

Nickname: Tay

Favorite candy: hi-chews!!

Favorite drink: pineapple juice!

Dream job: fbi or some cool undercover job

Celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds 😍

Biggest accomplishment so far in high school: going to summer school to graduate a semester early!!

Unusual talent I have: I can eat a full watermelon by myself lol

Favorite place on earth: Laguna Niguel, CA

Favorite song: I HAVE SO MANY!! Ummmm rn, ‘We Wont’ by Jaymes Young

Person I most want to meet: Halsey

Favorite things in my closet: my rompers and shoes 

Favorite brand: AMERICAN EAGLE

Something I wish I were better at: singing (I love singing, but I suckkkk:()

3 things I can’t live without: 1) my dog 2) my mom 3) my camera

Favorite app on my phone: Apple Music lol

I love Gee Photography because...: ummmm she’s amazing and so much fun to work with! Her photography is amazing and she’s so funny and sweet!

My goal after high school: well I’m going straight to college once I “graduate” but I’m going to double major in criminal justice and law

My hobbies: running(usually with my dog), hiking, really anything outdoors, reading, music, etc

Favorite fictional character: America from the Selection series

The last good book I read: the Uglies series

My favorite dessert: fresh brownies and ice cream

Random fact about myself: I used to play rugby!

My friends would say I’m: strong

Role model and why: my mom because she has taught me people can change and she’s the strongest person I know

Favorite thing to do to pass time: read or hike

Favorite place to shop: anywhere in California!

Best life advice ever received: people are capable of change

Why did I choose Gee Photography: I saw my friend Payton’s photos and I fell in love!

Best high school memory so far: football games and dances!!

Favorite thing about my session: I loved how open I can be and I loved all the treats and how much fun I had!!


Taylor's Top 10-

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