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Featuring class of 2020 Cole Valley Christian Senior, Brooke Weimer

Nickname: brookie

Dream Job: creative director

Celebrity crush : Dylan O’Brien

Biggest accomplishment so far: Being able to continue sports into college.

Unusual talent: good at guessing

Favorite place on Earth: many places

Favorite Song: I don’t have one

Person I most want to meet: idk😬

Favorite things in my closet: running shorts

Favorite brand: Free People

Something I wish I was better at: falling asleep faster

3 things I can’t live without:




Favorite app on phone- Snapchat

Most recent Netflix binge: Virgin River

Goal after High School: College

Hobbies: sports, journaling/art

Favorite fictional character: Tris Prior

Last good book I read: We Were Liars

Favorite dessert: chocolate lava cake

What I’m excited about for college: trying something new/ living somewhere new

A random fact about me: I was born in Alaska

My friends would describe me as: creative/ motivated

Who is my role model/ why: Many people. Certain things from many people inspire me

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