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featuring Mountain View High School Senior Kaylee

Kaylee is on the swim team at Mountain View High School and she works as a life guard at the YMCA. Incorporating Kaylee's love for swimming into her session was fun. I also loved that Kaylee's little sister joined us for the first part of the shoot and got to be a part of her big sister's senior photos. I really enjoyed getting to know Kaylee and her family.

Nickname: KK Favorite Candy: sour patch kids

Favorite Drink: lemonade 

Dream Job: lawyer Celebrity Crush: Shawn Mendes

Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: National Honors Society 

Unusual Talent That I Have: I can touch my nose with my tongue

Favorite Place On Earth: Seattle

Favorite Song: old school by urban cone Person I Most Want To Meet: any member of one direction

Favorite Things In My Closet: rompers

Favorite Brand: American Eagle 

Something I Wish I Were Better At: organizing and not procrastinating 

3 Things I Can't Live Without:besides my family, I couldn't live without my friends, my dogs and my phone

Favorite App On My Phone:snapchat

I Love Gee Photography Because (Shameless Plug!) It is literally one of the best experiences! I hate getting my picture taken but loved loved loved my experience with Gee Photography!!!

My Goal After High School: go to college My Hobbies: swimming Favorite Fictional Character: Crush from Finding Nemo

My Favorite Dessert :Brookies

What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: Meeting new people and figure out my future

A Random Fact About Myself: My dad says sometimes I sleep with my eyes open My Friends Would Describe Me As: fun, lovable and friendly

Favorite thing to do to pass the time: Go on drives, take naps 

What is your favorite place to shop: The Village

Best life advice you’ve ever received: Your biggest enemy is yourself and not believing in yourself. If you make it past that, you can do anything you just have to train yourself.

Why did you choose Gee Photography to take your photos? I was looking for a senior photography online and immediately fell in love with her pictures and wanted to know more

Best high school memory so far: Swimming becoming a sanctioned sport and all the team dinners

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