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Featuring Shelby Wilson a Senior from Centennial High School / Inspire Connections Online Academy

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Nickname: Shelbs

- childhood nickname: Lulu

Dream Job: to be the person that finds music for movies

Celebrity Crush: Young Brad Pitt

Unusual Talent I Have: I have really good handwriting

Favorite Place on Earth: My Fathers Place in McCall after a day boating with friends

Favorite Song: Freaking Out on the Interstate - Briston Maroney

Person I Most Want to Meet: Elon Musk (certified cool dude)

Favorite Things in my Closet: Knick-knacks that I get when traveling

Favorite Brand: Urban Outfitters

Something I Wish I was Better at: speaking spanish and yoga

3 Things I can’t Live Without: Coffee, the internet, my Spotify playlists

Favorite App on my Phone: Spotify (follow me @shelby9023)

Most Recent Netflix Binge: Tiger King

My Goal After High School: Become a Plastic Surgeon

My Hobbies: finding new music, art, and playing the violin

Favorite Fictional Character: Dr. Frankenstein (just because he was kind of crazy)

The Last Good Book I Read: Looking for Alaska

My Favorite Desert: Eclairs but specifically the ones from Fred Meyer

What I’m Excited for in College: To make new friends and discover a different state

A Random Fact about Myself: I always have to put chapstick on after I brush my teeth

Best High School Memory? TPing houses homecoming week in McCall

My Friends Would Describe Me As: I’m the “mom friend”

3 things no one knows about me: I have to keep some secrets to myself

Who is Your Role Model and Why? My family, in general they all have good and bad qualities that I can admire and also learn from

Favorite Thing To Do To Pass the Time: You don’t want to know how many hours I spent on Spotify last year

What is Your Favorite Place to Shop? PacSun

Best Advice You Were Ever Given? yolo (just kidding, to live your life knowing tomorrow isn’t guaranteed)

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