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Gee Photography Class Of 2020 High School Senior Kendal S.

Senior Year Q and A with Kendal

School: Borah High School

Nickname: Kenny

Dream Job: Forensic Psychologist

Celebrity Crush: KJ Apa

Biggest Accomplishment So Far: 4 years on high school dance team

Unusual Talent That I Have: Walking on the top of my toes

Favorite Place On Earth: Paris, France or Bali, Indonesia

Favorite Song: Kissing other people by Lennon Stella

Person I Most Want To Meet: Nina Dobrev

Favorite Things In My Closet: Too many favorites to choose

Favorite Brand: Böhme

Something I Wish I Were Better At: Drawing

3 Things I Can't Live Without: Phone, Best friend, Family

Favorite App On My Phone: Snapchat

Most recent Netflix binge: The Vampire Diaries

My Goal After High School: Go to college to pursue my PhD in Psychology

My Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping and Watching Netflix

Favorite Fictional Character: Don’t have one

The Last Good Book I Read: One of us is lying by Karen M. McManus

My Favorite Dessert: Rocky Road Ice Cream

What I'm Excited About For College : To rush a sorority and join the dance team

My Friends Would Describe Me As: Outgoing, Charismatic and Rambunctious

3 Things No One Knows About Me: I love watching broadway, I listen to classical music and I can play a few instruments (not well)

Who is your role model and why? My role model is my dance coach Meg Bell. She is an inspiration and an amazing motivator and she gives nothing but the best to everyone she’s around and I hope to be like her one day.

Favorite thing to do to pass the time? I like hanging with friends or napping to pass time

What is your favorite place to shop? Böhme

Best life advice you’ve ever received? Be yourself and if they don’t accept you they’re not worth it.

Best high school memory so far? All the football games with my friends.

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