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Mountain View High School Senior Alexis

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Nickname: -Lex, or Lexi

Dream Job: Nurse Practitioner

Celebrity Crush: Justice Smith

Biggest Accomplishment So Far: Getting my license!

Unusual Talent That I Have: I can hyper extend my elbows

Favorite Place On Earth: Wildcat Camp, Oregon

Favorite Song: I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus by Beabadoobee

Person I Most Want To Meet: Elle Fanning

Favorite Things In My Closet: My dresses and chunky shoes!

Favorite Brand: Urban Outfitters

Something I Wish I Were Better At: Gardening

3 Things I Can't Live Without: high waisted jeans, eyeliner, and turtlenecks

Favorite App On My Phone: Snapchat

Most recent Netflix binge: Parks and Recreation

My Goal After High School: To go to college to pursue becoming a nurse practitioner!

My Hobbies: Sending pen-pal letters, painting/drawing, and doing puzzles

Favorite Fictional Character: Alexis from the Bad Girls Don’t Die series

The Last Good Book I Read: The Adoration of Jenna Fox

My Favorite Dessert: dirty brownies (cookie, brownie, and Oreos in one bite!)

What I'm Excited About For College : making new friends and joining clubs

A Random Fact About Myself: I’m terrified of cows

My Friends Would Describe Me As: Small

3 Things No One Knows About Me: I’m an over thinker, I’m a sucker for rom-com movies, and i can make a mean chocolate chip cookie

Who is your role model and why? I would say my aunt, because she shows me that despite your upbringing you can still be successful

Favorite thing to do to pass the time? Facetime my friends and play Minecraft

What is your favorite place to shop? Atomic Treasures in Downtown Boise ❤️

Best life advice you’ve ever received? A degree doesn’t tell you all of the bad grades you had, it tells you that you finished your education and you should be proud

Best high school memory so far? Going to Denny’s after the first football game of senior year and joking around and laughing until I got home

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